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Data + Analytics

Nov 30, 2015

We are specialists in forecasting, insightful results reporting, attribution, test design, database management, digital operations and direct mail execution from a marketer’s point of view. Attribution is a core strength of our group. Showing the true conversion power of a client’s advertising across channels is often surprising and insightful.

Our team and tools are versatile enough to support your data, reporting and analytics needs, including:

  • Digital operations using Google Campaign Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Google Tag Manager to measure, optimize and report performance.
  • Forecasting, both for budget development and for call center and digital resource management, using our extensive database of campaign results that allows pinpoint activity forecasts, down to the hour by geographic area.
  • Testing design to ensure tests drive meaningful results.
  • CRM database design to ensure flexibility, increase speed to market for telemarketing, direct mail and email campaigns, and mine actionable information that can generate the maximum amount of profit – our past CRM designs have generated millions of dollars of profits for our clients.
  • Turnkey direct mail campaign management that minimizes cost while maximizing. performance, from managing the list transfer and merge/purge processes to arranging for post-merge model scoring, drops and fill-in names.

Improved campaign performance, clearer insights and stronger decision-making: that’s what the Media Horizons Data and Analytics team delivers to our clients.