Nov 30, 2015

Our revenue generation services allow clients to earn incremental revenue from their media assets while enabling their internal teams to focus on more strategic areas of their business. Specifically, we partner with leading brands to monetize space in their magazines, merchandise shipments, catalogs, statements, and other forms of customer communications. We maximize these income streams by combining 40 years of experience in the marketplace with a deep understanding of multi-channel advertisers to create and execute highly successful programs.

Print Media Sales: We act as a full-service extension of our publishing clients, offering turnkey solutions to increase the direct response category of print media advertising including magazines and newspapers, in addition to their digital counterparts. Our strategic sales approach, expertise in direct response media and longstanding relationships with direct response advertisers affords us the ability to grow their publication’s paging and revenue.

Insert Management: Our insert management team leverages the space in our clients’ packages, catalogs, statements, and magazines for third-party offers better known as inserts. We immerse ourselves in every facet of our clients’ sales and operations arms to design optimized solutions, allowing our clients to enjoy incremental revenue without any heavy lifting.

Our Process:

  • Identify Prospects: we begin by utilizing our proprietary print media research tools to develop targeted advertiser prospect lists and perform competitive research to determine the best potential advertisers for our clients’ publication(s) or other media.
  • Strategic Sales: we develop collateral and implement our proven sales strategy to target new and existing advertisers and deliver revenue-generating opportunities that grow your business.
  • Operations: our fully managed print media operations process includes processing print insertion orders, developing marketing & promotional materials, checking copies, in-house ad design, developing small space page layouts, as well as tracking material and insertion orders from the advertiser or agency to the publication. On the insert management side, we assume all facets of backend operations and logistics, working behind the scenes to ensure flawless program execution.
  • Results Reporting: throughout the print media process, our team reports back to our publishers on the status of all sales efforts, updated advertiser results, program success, as well as strategies for any shifts in market conditions.

To learn more, view our revenue generation case studies here.

Nov 30, 2015

Media agnostic marketing strategies should focus on one thing: acquiring and retaining customers at an effective cost using the highest performing marketing channels available. Strategic planning and research, regardless of product category, target audience or marketing objectives, are the cornerstones of our marketing strategies that are profitable and scalable. Building a successful plan requires pre-planning intelligence, competitive analysis, adherence to best practices, detailed forecasting and flawless execution.

Competencies cut across both B2B and B2C verticals, as well as non-profit, with expertise in eCommerce, Drive to Retail, Shopper Marketing, Awareness and Lead Generation strategies. Our award-winning approach is capable of orchestrating a story across multiple consumer touchpoints, while balancing reach, frequency and the impact of convergence.

• Paid Search • SEO • Social Media • Programmatic Display • Native • Affiliate Marketing • Direct Mail • Insert Media • Print Media • Broadcast • Mass Media • Experiential & Events • Connected TV • Out of Home • Digital Radio •  Influencer • Email Marketing • Lead Generation

Nov 30, 2015

Our print team brings decades of experience and deep expertise in every facet of print media, while our packaging division provides supplies, equipment and services to hundreds of clients in retail, e-commerce, and D2C.

Print and Distribution Consulting: From postal optimization and outsourced production services to managed print RFPs we help clients drive cost savings and improve the bottom line.

We are experts in the print manufacturing and postal sectors, specializing in analysis, negotiation, production services and management of print RFPs on behalf of clients. We partner with leading brands in retail, direct marketing, publishing and B2B to help them drive cost savings and improve the bottom line. Our consultants work with businesses of all sizes, leveraging proprietary market intelligence to inform strategic decisions about prepress, printing, paper consumption, and postal/distribution optimization.

Print Production Management: In today’s competitive business environment, most companies are being asked to do more with fewer resources. We provide a range of print production services and operational assistance to help take the burden off of our clients’ internal teams, freeing them up for more strategic work. Our production services include:

  • Print production management
  • Print and paper vendor procurement and relations
  • Contract management
  • Cost budgeting, forecasting and analysis
  • Schedules & specs

Packaging Supplies & Equipment: With a broad product offering that is reinforced with a strong team of specialists, we provide packaging solutions that fit our clients’ business, budget and environmental needs. From custom branded packaging design and testing to the supplies and equipment for packing and shipping any type of product we deliver value for clients in a variety of markets, including apparel, electronics, food & beverage, e-commerce distribution, general manufacturing, home furnishings, health & beauty and more.

Nov 30, 2015

We are specialists in forecasting, insightful results reporting, attribution, test design, database management, digital operations and direct mail execution from a marketer’s point of view. Attribution is a core strength of our group. Showing the true conversion power of a client’s advertising across channels is often surprising and insightful.

Our team and tools are versatile enough to support your data, reporting and analytics needs, including:

  • Digital operations using Google Campaign Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Google Tag Manager to measure, optimize and report performance.
  • Forecasting, both for budget development and for call center and digital resource management, using our extensive database of campaign results that allows pinpoint activity forecasts, down to the hour by geographic area.
  • Testing design to ensure tests drive meaningful results.
  • CRM database design to ensure flexibility, increase speed to market for telemarketing, direct mail and email campaigns, and mine actionable information that can generate the maximum amount of profit – our past CRM designs have generated millions of dollars of profits for our clients.
  • Turnkey direct mail campaign management that minimizes cost while maximizing. performance, from managing the list transfer and merge/purge processes to arranging for post-merge model scoring, drops and fill-in names.

Improved campaign performance, clearer insights and stronger decision-making: that’s what the Media Horizons Data and Analytics team delivers to our clients.

Nov 30, 2015

We specialize in creating highly targeted, creative and engaging digital and print advertising campaigns for our clients’ products and services across an array of brands.
The reason we’ve been so successful for our clients is simple: our Creative and Production Services team brings an extensive toolkit of creative and technical skills to every project.
From brainstorming to content creation through final asset delivery, we handle every facet of the creative process:

  • Digital and print design
  • Responsive emails, HTML animated banners, landing pages and web design
  • Interactive communications, video, Connected TV and social media
  • Direct mail, collateral materials, out-of-home and special projects
  • And virtually every type of marketing communications needed to achieve our clients’ goals

The team’s broad creative experience combined with proven direct response best practices, brand asset creation and creative optimization capabilities gives our clients a full-service creative and production support solution for all online and offline marketing channels.