Media Horizons

Delivering dynamic full-service solutions that turn challenges into successes

Creative + Production

Copywriting and Design. Digital and Print Production. Responsive Email and Web Development. Campaign Optimization.

Data + Analytics

Attribution. Forecasting. Reporting and Analysis. Test Design. Database Management. Digital Operations. Direct Mail Execution.

Marketing Strategy

Competitive Intelligence. Audience Identification. Market Analysis. Goal Definition. Brand Strategy Development. Media Channel Optimization. Creative Optimization

Media Planning + Buying

Direct Mail. Insert and Alternative Media. Print. Digital Display. Mobile. Social. Paid Search. Email. Lead-Gen.

Search + Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Analysis and Optimization. Bid Management. Geo-targeting and Device Optimization. SEO Site Audit and Optimization. Content Development. Social Amplification. Holistic Search Management.

Our Approach

Reach consumers where and when they’re ready to engage regardless of media channel, and then optimize the campaign to the most cost-effective channel for the highest ROI. That’s the Media Horizons approach to helping our clients convert leads, add incremental revenue, retain customers and optimize results throughout the marketing lifecycle. It’s a philosophy that has helped to build our clients’ businesses and generate profitable results for nearly three decades.

Media Horizons is media agnostic. Our strategies and tactics reach the target consumer wherever they prefer to engage: offline with print and broadcast; digitally through online, mobile, search and social platforms; and through carefully targeted omni-channel approaches based on demographics, psychographics and past purchase behaviors. These are the cornerstones used to create dynamic creative platforms and media plans that drive positive ROI, and to validate our clients’ campaigns using proprietary analytics tools and attribution models.

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Creative + Production

Using provocative words and powerful images, we turn branded marketing messages into highly targeted, personal communications that can be delivered effectively online, in print, and through emerging media opportunities.
The reason we’ve been so successful for our clients is simple: our Creative and Production Services team brings an extensive toolkit of creative and technical skills to every project.

From concept through final asset delivery, we handle every facet of the creative process:

  • Digital and print design
  • Responsive email and web development
  • Interactive communications and social media
  • Collateral materials, out-of-home and special projects
  • And virtually every type of marketing communications needed to achieve our clients’ goals

The team’s broad creative experience combined with proven direct response best practices, brand asset production and creative optimization capabilities gives our clients a full-service creative and production support solution for all online and offline marketing channels.

Data + Analytics

Specialists in forecasting, insightful results reporting, attribution, test design, database management, digital operations and direct mail execution from a marketer’s point of view.
Our mantra: clients shouldn’t waste their advertising dollars on testing that will not produce meaningful results. We rely on metrics to establish proper testing methodologies that ensure statistically significant reads and give our clients confidence that winning tests will continue to perform at scale.

Attribution is a core strength of our group. Showing the true conversion power of a client’s advertising across channels is often surprising and insightful. Through tactics like ghost panel testing, we often demonstrate how significant changes to media mixes can lead to significant increases in profitability.

Our team and tools are versatile enough to support all of your data, reporting and analytics needs, including:

  • Digital operations using web analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics and Omniture, and ad serving platforms, such as Doubleclick and ROIA, to measure, optimize and report performance
  • Forecasting, both for budget development and for call center and digital resource management, using our extensive database of campaign results that allows pinpoint activity forecasts, down to the hour by geographic area
  • CRM database design to ensure flexibility, increase speed to market for telemarketing, direct mail and email campaigns, and mine actionable information that can generate the maximum amount of profit – our past CRM designs have generated millions of dollars of profits for our clients.
  • Turn-key direct mail campaign management that minimizes cost while maximizing performance, from managing the list transfer and merge/purge processes to arranging for post-merge model scoring, drops and fill-in names

Improved campaign performance, clearer insights and stronger decision-making: that’s what the Media Horizons Data and Analytics team delivers to our clients.

Marketing Strategy

Media agnostic marketing strategies should focus on one thing: acquiring and retaining customers at an effective cost using the highest performing marketing channels available.
Strategic planning and research, regardless of product category, target audience or marketing objectives, are the cornerstones of our marketing strategies that are profitable and scalable. Building a successful plan requires pre-planning intelligence, competitive analysis, adherence to best practices and detailed forecasting.

Our strategic development road map follows a data driven path from launch through campaign attribution:

  • Discovery – understanding objectives and how they overlay current market conditions is critical to aligning achievable performance goals with budget, timing benchmarks and competitive intelligence
  • Execution – speed to market, flawless execution and highly detailed strategic plans ensure that campaigns achieve statistical significance against all facets of testing including media, creative and format
  • Optimization – custom reporting and analysis developed specifically for each campaign lead up to the most satisfying part of the process: multichannel optimization through data driven analysis

Whether tasked with developing a brand marketing strategy, an online or offline marketing strategy or introducing a new media channel to an already diversified mix, our experienced team creates and executes plans to measure, learn and maximize our clients’ ROI.

Media Planning + Buying

Understanding the diverse personas in a clients’ target audience, finding their commonalities and then identifying the best media channels and placements at the intersection translates into cost-efficient market reach.
Media Horizons’ 27 years of media planning and buying power cuts across online and offline channels – Digital Display, Email, Search, Social, Direct Mail, Insert Media and Print – to create cost-effective media plans that deliver results.

Our highly customized, integrated media strategies allow clients to identify and optimize multiple channels and touchpoints during a campaign to reach customers where and when they’re most comfortable and ready to transact.

Once we understand where to reach prospective customers, we forecast how high-performing programs can be executed in concert to create top-of-mind awareness and response for the client’s brand. While all media channels have their unique aspects, the buying decisions for individual channels are driven by the same core criteria:

  • Quantifiable data validating a channel’s reach into a target audience, including indexing, research tools, audience measurement, modeling, and others
  • Prior channel performance and empirical results, if available
  • Rate variability, efficiency and negotiation ability based on Media Horizons’ experiences with the media for other comparable clients and offers
  • Channel reach, frequency and capacity analysis
  • Competitive factors and landscape
  • Seasonality factors and other variables

By using this omni-channel approach, Media Horizons is able to create a seamless customer experience through the synergies of offline and online marketing tactics across numerous channels.

Search + Affiliate Marketing

Our search marketing philosophy is simple: search marketing done right positions your brand as a solution to a consumer’s need.
Driven by our combined 30 years of SEO and PPC management experience, Media Horizons’ clients consistently see incremental customers and increased revenue across organic search programs and paid search initiatives. Our full-service Search Marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization using a research and data approach to SEO and content development. Starting with a robust SEO audit covering content, technology, mobile and social channels, we identify a brand’s search presence and behaviors to uncover hidden opportunities that can drive traffic and conversions. This creates our blueprint for ongoing SEO efforts including site, blog, video, and social content development.
  • Paid Search Marketing brings the right type of users to a site experience that will drive conversions. Our PPC management service includes a dedicated analytics team which allows us to put big data to work and uncover new opportunities for growth and increased performance at the keyword, text ad, and account setting level such as geo-targeting and device optimization.
  • Holistic Paid and Organic Search Management ensures the most effective and efficient campaign performance. Using Omni-channel performance reporting that shows how search campaigns impact each other, as well as a brand’s overall marketing mix, we’re able to adjust paid search bidding with consideration of SEO rankings to ensure a brand is positioned for success on search result pages.