An Increase in Direct Response by Six Figures

Media mix diversification by testing new channels


173% Direct Response Budget Increase
28% Improve in Cost Per Acquisition
Expand Media Mix to Include 250+ Individual Program
*Managed both on an individual and enterprise-level for consistent performance and longevity


Deliver Growth and Improved Performance

Prior to partnering with Media Horizons, Lively utilized a predominantly broadcast driven budget for its Jitterbug product. Weakening results and single-channel reliance led to our recommendation to diversify the media mix and include insert media as part of their strategy to deliver growth and improved performance across a multichannel platform.

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How We Did It

• Negotiate low national media rates to allow for fast scale and strong results

• Establish branda recognition in the marketplace

• Research and develop multiple customer base targets

• Cultivate and develop new creative, offer and format constructs that prove more relevant to the Boomer market to generate better ROI

• Segmenting insert media creative development and distribution within target markets to reach core demographics with relevant messaging

• Improve response rates while maintaining or improving conversion to sale metrics

• Build an effective reporting structure to manage the business and share successful tactics

Lively Ad Example
Lively Ad Example


• Increased direct response budget by 173%

• 28% improvement in cost per acquisition

• Expanded media mix to include more than 250 individual programs, managed both on an individual and enterprise level for consistent performance and longevity

Tests & More Tests!

The opportunities available in today’s media mix are constantly evolving. We are here to help keep you informed and utilizing the most valuable channels available for your brand.