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It all starts with strategy and planning


Industry and competitive analysis

Leveraging various partners and third-party data sources, Media Horizons will pull together an analysis that will provide a foundational view of your industry including market size, customer detail, key challenges, opportunities and forecast.  We’ll also provide insight into key media trends that create opportunities for your brand.  

We will partner with you to identify your top competitors and will assess revenue, market share, product offering, price points, and key differentiators.  This will also look at their digital media presence, where applicable, and showcase where your brand aligns or falls short in comparison.  The output is a list of opportunities for your brand to test and try or move at a faster pace.  


Data & Analytics Audits

In today’s landscape data and analytics are critical to your marketing success.  Our data & analytics audit will review your current tech stack, reporting capabilities, dashboards, KPIs and benchmarking. We’ll make recommendations to improve what and how you are reporting, to automate and find the most relevant KPIs to create better business outcomes.


Search, Social and UX Audits

Our search, social and UX audits are for companies that have already made investments in their digital experiences but need a fresh set of eyes to identify gaps and opportunities.  

Our SEO audit analyzes and identifies all aspects of a brand’s SEO, including content optimization, technical challenges that are present, website health, site speed, and link popularity metrics – all of which impact the discoverability of your website.

Our paid search & social audit(s) analyze strategy, campaign set-up, and performance to help you protect your investments.  Return on the audit investment is typically seen 1 month after implementing recommendations!

Our UX audit analyzes and identifies all elements of your web experience including traffic quality, positively and negatively performing pages, user flow prior to and during checkout, and top product & merchandising opportunities.

For each audit, the output is a complete presentation of findings, detailing the areas for both immediate optimization and long-term opportunity spanning content and technical aspects.


CRM & Media Audits

Are you reaching the right customer, at the right time, with the right messages? With 30+ years of agency experience, we take a deep dive into targeting, segments, and various data sets across marketing channels to provide valuable insights on your audiences for improved business decisions.

Is your media mix optimized to its fullest potential? Our team of experts will run an end-to-end media assessment that explores your current channel mix, including spend, performance, creative, messaging, call–to-actions, and destination usability to identify gaps and recommendations. To execute a true omnichannel strategy, we ensure that all channels are working together to contribute to your KPIs and ultimately, your bottom line.


Go to Market Plan 

Looking for some new insights and solutions to grow your business? Our go to market plan combines first party and third-party data, industry best practices, new technologies and a fresh set of eyes to provide short- and long-term recommendations to accelerate your business. With this assessment, our subject-matter experts will work with you to create a blended online/offline approach to meet your overarching goals and maximize your ROI. This proposal includes media mix modeling recommendations and projections.  The results for our clients: a true omnichannel approach that drives response and revenue daily.

We offer bundling!

Whether it is a one-time CRM analysis or a longer-term roadmap you’re looking for, we are not one-size-fits-all. Every engagement is unique and specific to our client’s goals and budget. We’ll work with you and your individual needs to choreograph a media mix that drives a your business forward.