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Maximize your database and glean valuable insights to make more informed business decisions


Data Synthesis & Visualization

Our team not only combs thru your data to provide an at-a-glance assessment of your marketing efforts, but we continue the analysis to provide actionable insights designed to achieve your organization’s objectives. The result is data that doesn’t just tell you what, but why and what to do next!



Why are you seeing certain changes in customer behavior and what does that mean for your activation plan? Whether you are looking to drive revenue, reactivate older segments or move excess inventory, our dedicated team will work to identify why you are seeing movement, how to capitalize on gains, how to activate those who have lapsed, and how to identify customers most likely (and profitably!) to respond to your offer.


audience selection & targeting

Working to acquire more customers? We work with our partners to model your most productive customers and identify look alike prospects with a high likelihood to shop your brand. These audiences can and should be used to target across multiple medias including social ads, direct mail or even print advertising – to amplify your brand message.


Omni Reporting

Everyone can provide KPIs on a single marketing event, but what happens to your site traffic when a direct mail piece gets sent out? What about an email blast? Does a customer receiving multiple marketing touches perform better than one receiving just a few? Our Omni Reporting looks at the interaction between marketing events and works to answer these questions, so that you know the factors driving your business.

We offer bundling!

Data & Analytics can span every facet of your business. Let’s work together to determine the right strategy for you (whether it’s one service or three) – it will be one that allows for complete understanding of your database, and yields results for increased business success.