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Jan 20, 2021

While 2020 may have shown us that you never know what to expect, it also demonstrated the power of a retail connection, the importance of brand loyalty and overall, the necessity of both offline and online marketing to combat the high volumes of competition today.

Scrolling through the news over the last few weeks, we have heard from Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Retail Federation (NRF), CNBC, and others about what’s to come. While they’ve each given us a lot to think about, we want to offer the Media Horizons take now that we are a few weeks into the New Year. Here are five trends to keep top-of-mind in 2021.

Dec 22, 2020

I remember flying home from a trip in February of 2020. We had heard about this new very contagious virus primarily seen in Asia and Europe, but it had not yet affected us here in the U.S., specifically on the east coast. Little by little it made its way to us and impacted our lives. We started washing our hands more, watching the news even more, and eventually on March 13, closing our physical office doors. Initially for a two-week period we thought, and then for what we could not have imagined, the rest of the year.

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Apr 27, 2020

Here Are Some Low Cost, Quick Tips That Can Help Your Brand’s Visibility Increase on Those Voice Search Queries
It’s 7am on a rainy Saturday morning up in Fairfield County, CT. I normally would start my day with a cup of coffee in hand and ask my Amazon Alexa about today’s weather forecast but on this day, the forecast was pretty obvious. So, I then posed another question to Alexa, one that has become commonplace in my household since the shelter-in-place order was given. “Alexa, what is the latest Coronavirus news?” This question has become part of my new daily routine as of late and as it turns out, I’m not alone.
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